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Thinking Cap creates elegant and rational web applications, desktop applications and mobile apps. Founders Gregor Jamroski and Tung-Son La have been collaboarting on projects for 10 years. The collaboration started when Gregor Jamroski was at Alere (now Optum) designing contemporary desktop applications using Prism WPF. Tung-Son La was hired to as the senior SDE to implement the work.

After their tenures at Alere, Jamroski and La have continued to work together on numerous web applications, marketplace sites and social media sites. In 2019 Jamroski and La decided to formalize their collaboration in the Design/Build agency, Thinking Cap.

Gregor Jamroski - Design Director

With 20+ years experience, Jamroski started designing in the pre-digital/intenet age using paste-up boards, pica rulers, letraset, form-a-line, and X-ACTO knives. He now acts as a Principle UX designer and package designer.

Tung-Son La - Director of Software Engineering

Tung-Son La has 20+ years experience as a senior level software engineer. La develops rational and elegant software solutions for web and dektop applications and mobile experiences.

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